A fresh look for the oVirt Administrator Portal Dashboard

In the next major release of oVirt, we have been putting some thought into updating the Dashboard for the Administrator Portal. The goal for this update would be to allow admins to quickly glance at the state of their environment, see the metrics that are most important to them, and then jump off to dig even deeper from there.

The first step in our design efforts was to research what exists today in the oVirt Administrator Portal as well as other virtualization administration UIs out there and decide which of this information might make sense to surface on a dashboard. We did an initial mock-up based on this research so that we could show people and get some first glance reactions.

oVirt - Dashboard_1


After running this initial mockup by a few people who know the virtualization space well, we put together and sent out a survey to the oVirt community asking for feedback from any and all administrators on what they’d like to see on a dashboard.

After excellent feedback in both areas, we were able to bring everything together than we’d learned and landed on a more polished first cut of what the oVirt.next Administrator Portal Dashboard could look like.

oVirt - Dashboard_2


We are still looking to gather feedback on the first round of this dashboard design. Please feel free to leave your thoughts in a comment below. Are you going to be attending Red Hat Summit this year? Stop by the oVirt booth in Community Central on Wednesday or Thursday if you want to take a closer look and give your feedback in person. We are working on a few other concepts that we will be sharing there as well, so come help shape the future direction of the oVirt Administrator Portal!


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  • Eldad

    First of all great mockup.

    mockup #2 http://uxd-stackabledesign.rhcloud.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/oVirt-Dashboard_2.png
    represents overall utilization at the middle of the picture, is it based on the upper grid data?
    clusters, vms, hosts, storage capacity ?

    750MHZ used (CPU) on top of how many hosts ? how many vms?
    moreover, there is a trend per 7 days, is it possible to add vms running graph, since in this case some administrators probably want to correlate between the CPU graph to the actual vms \ hosts running (up state) number during this 7 days.

    • Liz Blanchard


      Thanks for your comments and questions!

      We reviewed these mock ups recently at Red Hat Summit and received similar questions and comments around needing to understand the scope of what the user is seeing on this dashboard. Ultimately, the goal is to show the entire environment (all data centers, clusters, hosts, vms, storage domains, networks) but we heard a lot of feedback about how it would be much nicer to be able to view a breakdown of this data based on each specific cluster.

      Thanks for the suggestion around adding a trend for CPU of running VMs and potentially allow for correlation between VMs and Hosts. This is a great idea.

      We are continuing to update these designs and I will definitely take your thoughts into consideration during these updates.


  • Tomas Jelinek

    Hey, based on your awesome work we have started to implement a simplified version of the dashboard for moVirt – for some preliminary screenshots you can have a look here: https://yixinzhang0225.wordpress.com/

    The bigger the display of the device will be, the bigger part of the dashboard will be shown (on phone only the utilization, small tablets also the most utilized hosts/vms, for bigger ones also the top part (N Data Centers…)).

    It is a work in progress, just wanted to thank you for your awesome work and wanted to tell how big inspiration your work was for us!


    • Liz Blanchard

      Hi Tomas,

      Thanks for sharing the work you’ve done on the simplified moVirt Dashboard. It’s looking very clean and straight forward. I’m glad that our work could inspire you. I will continue to share our designs as they move forward and hopefully they will continue to be helpful to you and your team!


  • Luk

    Not bad, however – how this all will look on smaller screen? I’m not always using my desktop, but also laptop with small resolution (1280×800) and the layout on presented mockups looks like there is quite wasting of space. I am referring to rather larger offsets between objects. There is waste of full line just because of one ListBox ( View Trends Over… ). I know mockups – but still, please don’t forget on the comments. Thank you. L.

    • Liz Blanchard

      Hi Luk,

      Thanks very much for you comment on the design, although I’m sorry for such a delayed response! We’ve made some updates to our designs based on all the feedback we received and in the newest version of oVirt you can look forward to this new dashboard design along with a number of other UI design updates throughout the UI. We are beginning to rely on a project called PatternFly which is design to be responsive for use cases just like yours where either a user is on a tablet or laptop. We want to be sure it works well for both! Please let me know if you have experienced the new design and your thoughts on it.


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